We offer the entire package at Bespoke Living Carpentry.  We offer modern solutions that have a clean and fresh style to compliment your home.  You can choose how you wish to finish and the style of your product. Here quality is essential and we only use the finest paints, veneers and varnishes available.


You can choose from a range of finishes from painted, veneered or varnishes.


We use Dulux Satinwood to paint our units.  All painted units come with two coats of acrylic primmer and two coats of Dulux satinwood providing a subtle, attractive alternative to gloss.  Dulux Satinwood is wipeable and non-yellowing.

Dulux are finding clever ways to make their paints more environmentally friendly.  Simply by replacing the solvents traditionally used in paint recipes with water.  Dulux believe making high quality products and making a positive difference to the planet are two sides of the same coin.

At Bespoke Living Carpentry we believe Dulux Satinwood gives a high quality finish to a high quality unit.


We also use Farrow & Ball for their outstanding quality, colours and eco-friendly paints.  The high levels of pigment, rich resin binders and, the high refractory nature of their key ingredients produces their signature impressive depth of colour.  Farrow & Ball offer a range of interior and exterior, modern and traditional water based eco-friendly paints available in 132 enviable colours.  Their paints have been independently tested and approved to meet the Toy Safety Standard so parents can be rest assured when we decorate Toy units with Farrow & Ball.  Currently 90% of the waste created by Farrow & Ball when creating their paints is recyclable, reducing the need for landfill.


We offer 3 main styles at Bespoke Living Carpentry: